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UE Travel and Expeditions is a lifestyle and leisure management company that caters for the most discerning clientele, offering only the most unique and exclusive experiences, products and services.

Our clients, on the whole, can already afford the very best that the world of leisure and travel has to offer, and can just as easily book a 6 star hotel with UE Travel as they can with any other travel company. So what makes us different?

Our goal is very simple;

To offer something completely different and exclusive to clients who are looking for something out of the ordinary. For our clients who can already afford the very best, what makes the real difference is the experience they have; our specialty is not just booking exclusive 6 star hotels or resorts but creating unique and exclusive experiences.

We could, just like any other travel website list a hundred different options and destinations, however we are different. All our offers are hand designed to offer something that is out of the ordinary, perhaps an experience that you have never considered or even known was possible before.


Unique & Exclusive, is a division of Oceans Islands & Safaris, and is part of a conglomeration of 5 different companies, all working within the travel and leisure industry.

Unique & Exclusive is not like other travel companies however as our clients are not the general public, they are a select band of individuals who we identify as deserving of something different.

We deal only in high end tailor made unique and exclusive options thus, you will discover that this website is not just filled with a random assortment of options, but instead, we carefully select a few 'choice' options that give you a 'TASTER' of what is available.

All our Unique & Exclusive options are tailor made for each individual guest though from time to time we will contact our clients and offer you unique travel and leisure opportiunities that you will probably have never considered before.

Every month we will be adding new and unqiue options to the site and will contact our clients directly about them.

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