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The Seychelles is often referred as the "Jewel of the Indian Ocean" and what better way to experience this jewel than on a yacht charter vacation?   A Seychelles yacht charter could equally be described, as paradise. The Seychelles archipelago consists of hundreds of islands and inlets scattered over an area of 400,000 square kilometers, northeast of Madagascar.

There are numerous reasons why charter yacht enthusiasts are drawn here year round. The idyllic white sandy beaches, calm waters, sparkling lagoons and brilliant coral reefs, are some of the reasons why this is one of the most unique yacht charter destinations in the world.  The second, is the incredible and ancient wildlife reserves, which hold rare species which are found nowhere else on earth. Discover giant tortoise and huge flocks of sea birds such as the lack parrots or the flightless white-throated railbird. Beneath the water the wildlife is just as, if not more impressive than the wildlife on land.
Hundreds of species of brilliantly colored fish and coral are on display at Desroches Drop - a site renowned for the best diving in the Seychelles. The protective waters of the lagoon are perfect for snorkeling. There are over 20 dive and snorkel sites in the marine parks around Mahe, one being St Anne Marine National Park which protects over 150 types of fish. For those who'd like to experience the thrill of diving with the giants of the deep, the waters beyond the lagoons hold a variety of larger fish and sharks.
If you'd feel more comfortable with these type of fish on your plate, as apposed to you on theirs, the deeper waters are fantastic for game fishing. The main island of the Seychelles, Mahe is stunning with 70 beaches of different character, backed with dramatic rock formations.
With so many beaches and bays, an impressive anchorage for your charter boat, is never far away. The temperature in the Seychelles is fairly consistent year round. The climate is tropical and humid, accompanied by a pleasant breeze. Temperatures sit at an average of mid to high twenty's. Although tropical rains fall more frequently in January and February, they rarely affect more than a small area at once. The weather can still be perfect, merely miles away, around the island.
The types of yacht charter available in the Seychelles includes motor, sailing, bareboat charter, skippered, crewed yachts, power boat, sailboat, and even the occasional luxury yacht charter on her round the world trip. The constant breezes make light work for a sailing yacht. The shallow coral reefs and endless beaches are perfectly suited to a catamaran. Whichever your preferred boat type, a yacht charter in the Seychelles, will be unforgettable. The stunning landscape and the valuable wildlife species make the Seychelles an interesting and diverse location for a yacht charter holiday.

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